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C'era una volta in America: the concert dedicated to the musical world of Maria Callas' youth

TUESDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER 2022 09:00 PM, VILLA CORTINE PALACE HOTEL, SIRMIONE This article is older than 6 months

Maria Callas was “born Greek” in a New York in full musical ferment. The soundtrack of his childhood and youth is not limited to the opera arias, which for the first time she hears at home played on the piano by her parents, but is also made up of the sounds coming from the radio and from the street: a modern music whose rhythm follows that of an entire country that is growing and has left an important mark in the history of the Divina.

C’era una volta in America. Musica americana tra gli anni ’20 e ’40
LA DIVINA EMOZIONE, Sirmione Callas 21-23
Tuesday 20th September 2022, 9:00 pm
Villa Cortine Palace Hotel, Sirmione
Entrance from the main gate in viale Gennari n. 2 

Scilla Cristiano: soprano, Alberto Martinelli: violin, Gabriele Miglioli: cello, Elena Trovato: harp, Luigi Signori: piano and voice

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Between the 20s and 40s of the last century, the United States of America witnessed an incredible musical ferment. The blues, ragtime, jazz and then the swing of the great Big Bands fill dance halls, meeting places, radio programs and contribute to transforming American popular music into a great mass phenomenon.
Maria Callas was born and spent her youth in a New York immersed in these trends: a musical fabric that is the background to her everyday life and that speaks a different language, apparently far from the one that will mark her artistic career.

The concert C’era una volta in America. Musica americana tra gli anni ’20 e ’40 pays homage to this musical era through a succession of famous pieces revisited in an original way by the soprano Scilla Cristiano and the rock voice of Luigi Signori. Accompanying the singers will be the instrumental quartet composed by Alberto Martinelli on the violin, Gabriele Miglioli on the cello, Elena Trovato on the harp and by Luigi Signori himself on the piano.

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