Bisogna saper sognare

Lillo Marciano's poetic invitation illuminates the castle of Sirmione


Dreaming in a concrete way, each in his own way and together for a better world: This is knowing how to dream

From June to October 2024, those arriving in the historic center of Sirmione in the evening and at night will find the majestic Scaligero Castle illuminated by Lillo Marciano‘s video installation which embraces every visitor with a universal and unequivocal message:

Bisogna saper sognare: (You have to know how to dream)

The evocative writing of the thought of the artist and curator Lillo Marciano is also his great spiritual legacy: an invitation to be poets, before being artists: every second and breath are works of art that cannot be written, but which are part of constant energy.
Preserving the ability to dream despite the continuous transformations of life becomes a universal message to defend our uniqueness and our being together.

The work was created in collaboration with the Management of the Scaligero Castle of Sirmione and is part of Back to PIETRA&Co. Public art in Sirmione

All works by Back to Pietra & Co.

Thanks to Roberto Bellini for the photo
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