Backgammon: the fight between good and evil is played with dice

An ancient symbolic game that came from ancient Egypt on the web

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The game we know today with the name of Backgammon has an ancient origin and still partly shrouded in mystery.
Its invention dates back to the dynasty of the Sumerian kings who reigned in Mesopotamia more than 5500 years ago. From there it would spread all over the world, from Persia, to India, to Egypt and Greece. Plato and Homer talk about it in their works and some game boards were found even in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Backgammon is therefore a game that has always been part of the history of civilization.
The popularity of backgammon is due in part to its profound symbolism, two players who challenge each other by contrasting the light pawns of one with the black pawns of the other are a stylized representation of the struggle between good and evil and in part to the simplicity of its rules.

If you have a backgammon board somewhere, perhaps forgotten in a closet, you can check if you remember the rules of the game

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