Acquario di Genova: it excites you by nature

A 360 ° immersion in the pools of sharks, manatees and the colorful inhabitants of the coral reef

SUNDAY 5TH APRIL 2020 This article is older than 1 year

The Aquarium of Genoa has decided to bring the audience in immersion in its tanks through three new and innovative videos made with underwater technology to 360°, realized in collaboration with StudioQuida Communication 360°, Carlo Da Gradi journalist collaborator of the magazine Focus and the naturalist Francesco tomasinelli.

A new and unusual point of view that will allow you to observe sharks, manatees and colorful inhabitants of the coral reef directly from within their environment.

Thanks to the extra content included in the video with graphic captions and video picture in picture with interviews with the experts, the videos will allow you to discover the different species that you meet during the virtual dive.

Videos at 360° will be published one per week and you ca see on this officia Acquario di Genova’s page.

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