Lugana and Colombare

Sirmione is not only the ancient borough. The area outside the deck is rich in history, too.To the south of the peninsula, in a densely urbanized area today, the ancient forest Lugana Ligana or Lucan or Litana, stretched. Due to its strategic location, it was the scene of many feats of arms, including the clash between Constantine and Maxentius in 312 A.D.. In 452 A.D. Pope Leo the Great convinced Attila, leader of the Huns, to return to the north perhaps right here in the wilderness, in an unknown place. The toponyms in this area such as St. Benedict, St. Martin and St. Vigilius, recall the work of land reclamation that was held here by the monks. In the early sixteenth century the forest had almost disappeared, since it was colonized and exploited as agricultural land. The clay soils of the cultivated areas still produce the famous wine Lugana.

Now, in the territory that was part of the forest Lugana, there are two densely inhabited centers that constitute two fractions of Sirmione: Lugana and Colombare.

Lugana is a settlement that exstends particularly around the church, built between 1910 and 1912, and it stretches to encompass the territory of the village Rovizza, Rovizzi’s ancient estate. Here you can visit the church dedicated to St. Ursula, once noble chapel, and the Monument to the Alpines, witness of the sacrifice of many people from Sirmione who served in this corps.
Colombare takes its name from an ancient farmstead that today is disappeared and it was an expanse of fields dotted with a few rural homes until after World War II.
In the sixties the booming population wanted their church, it was dedicated to St. Fancis and inaugurated in 1969.The building, which interprets the news of the years of the second Vatican Council, looks like a big tent with a circular plan, built of stone, cement, copper and colored glass.


Chiesa San Francesco alle Colombare Sirmione

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