All the Arias of the Block Notes Photo Contest

The winners, mentions and photo galleries of the second edition

WEDNESDAY 5TH MAY 2021 This article is older than 1 year

The second edition of the Block Notes Photo Contest has ended.

4 winners, 4 mentions and 271 photographs in competition.

The theme of the Lake Garda Block Notes Photo Contest 2021 edition was Arie del Garda.
With Arie del Garda (Garda Arias) Sirmione, where Maria Callas spent some of the happiest moments of her life, celebrates the singer that, with her voice, unhinged the canons of melodrama to become a timeless icon of art and style.
Arie del Garda (Garda Arias) : an invitation to photograph the beauty, elegance, class, timeless charm and uniqueness of Lake Garda.

Andrea Pagliari, Mauro Zorer, Carlo Cattaneo, Chiara Zanni.

Davide Pisano, Luigi Casanova, Alessandro Accordini, Luigi Paesano.

Tutte le fotografie del Lake Garda Block Notes Photo Contest, edizione 2021


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