Temporary relocation of the market in Colombare

On Easter Monday the market will be held in Piazzale Montemurro and Piazza Mercato. Changes to traffic


To encourage better flow of circulation, on April 1st, 2024, on Easter Monday (Easter Monday), the Colombare market will be moved, like last year, to Piazzale Montemurro/Piazza Mercato.

Ordinance no. 36 of 13/03/2024 which regulates road traffic on 1 April provides, in the time slot from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm:

  • the establishment of a parking ban with forced removal for all vehicles except those intended for market activity, in all parking stalls in Piazza Mercato and Piazzale Montemurro;
  • ban on transit for all vehicles except those intended for market activity, in the areas of Piazza Mercato and Piazzale Montemurro, which therefore remain reserved for the positioning of stalls and pedestrian transit of users;
  • the reversal of the one-way traffic in via Durighello, in the stretch between via Colombare and via Molise;
  • the ban on transit in Via Molise for all vehicles, except those belonging to the front lines, with the simultaneous establishment of two-way traffic;
  • at the intersection between via Molise and via Durighello, obligation to stop (stop) and obligation to turn right, for vehicles coming from via Molise;

Ordinanza n. 36 del 13 marzo 2024 (in Italian only)