Sirmione smart city: Artificial Intelligence and Urban Genius improve life

Digital innovations to optimize the experience of visitors and residents

Published on : 13 May 2024

Sirmione is preparing for the tourist season by implementing two important technological innovations among its services: the Chatbot based on artificial intelligence on the tourist portal and Urban Genius, a tool for monitoring flows derived from the analysis of the mobile network.

A smart city is a place where technology and data are used to improve the lives of the people who live or visit it. A tool that can be used in many ways: to manage traffic more efficiently, reduce pollution, improve safety, provide timely and precise information.

With the introduction of the Chatbot based on artificial intelligence, Sirmione strengthens the dialogue between the tourist location, operators and tourists.
A system that speaks 80 languages optimized to answer visitors’ questions: before, during and after their stay and which hoteliers and retailers can use to be even more comprehensive and welcoming to their customers.

The Chatbot is already active on and can be reached from this same article and from every page of the site by clicking on the blue icon at the bottom right.

The possibility of intercepting and analyzing the questions posed to the Chatbot will allow us to increasingly refine our listening and welcoming skills: with the implementation of new services, information and improvements.

The other technological innovation tool introduced is Urban Genius, an analysis and monitoring system based on data coming from the mobile network.
The system provides information on the number of presences in the area with the possibility of monitoring movements and carrying out analytical investigations such as age group, gender and nationality.

Sirmione has been characterized for years by its propensity to embrace the technological challenges of contemporary tourism with a strong innovative orientation. With 1,377,790 presences in 2023 (tourist tax source), 946,000 visits to the portal and 15,241 accesses to the infopoint, it reconfirms itself year after year as a destination of strong tourist interest with registered origins from over 40 countries around the world.

Sirmione Smart city: the press kit 

Il Chatbot e ad Urban Genius raccontati dalla stampa

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