The cosmic optimism of Gianni Rodari, the italian fairy tale poet on the phone

Forty years after his death and one hundred since his birth, his name circulates very much as an effective antidote to the crisis. The secret is probably in his keywords - hope, community, childhood

TUESDAY 14TH APRIL 2020 This article is older than 1 year

«Non sarebbe più conveniente
il temporale non farlo per niente?
Un arcobaleno senza tempesta,
questa sì che sarebbe una festa».

Since the first day of the epidemic, the name of writer who has circulated the most has been, without a doubt, that of Gianni Rodari: reading groups aloud, marathons of poetry, fables on the phone, individual initiatives disseminated on social networks.

Power of the anniversary. But not only. There is something about Rodari that is felt the need in these uncertain and opaque times: a clarity of gaze and thought, in the name of optimism.

A clarity of gaze and analysis that we would like to find the same today, declined around three key words: hope, community, childhood.

And not taken alone, one at a time, but all together.

Because one without the other is silent, it says nothing.

(in italian only)

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