The 10 (Japanese) rules of tidying up

The anti-chaos advice of the tidying guru

SATURDAY 21ST MARCH 2020 This article is older than 1 year

The chaos of useless objects suffocates not only our homes, but also our souls. Marie Kondo invites us to get rid of everything that does not inspire us, because only by surrounding ourselves with things that give us joy we can be happy.

Real life begins after tidying up.

In the book that made her a star, the Japanese Marie Kondo has developed a method that guarantees the order and organization of domestic spaces … and at the same time serenity, because in Zen philosophy physical reordering is a ritual that produces immeasurable spiritual advantages: it increases self-confidence, frees the mind, relieves from attachment to the past, enhances precious things, induces to make less unnecessary purchases. Staying in chaos means wanting to push away the moment of introspection and knowledge.

The secrets of tidying up are publisehed in this article IO Donna ( in italian only)