The Internet has a new star: the historian beats influencers

Alessandro Barbero, a professor from Turin, bewitches everyone with his enthusiasm and gentle manner. And he keeps glued to Youtube with videos that exceed 90 minutes

SATURDAY 18TH APRIL 2020 This article is older than 1 year

The Alessandro Barbero mania goes crazy on the web.

After Piero and Alberto Angela (italian journalists) the web consecrates a new television popularizer, as well as an academic, writer, essayist, loved by history buffs but not only: Alessandro Barbero.

His speeches and his lectiones magistrales (lectiones, plural of lectio, it is necessary to be meticulous when talking about Barbero), although with a considerable duration often equal to that of a football game are followed on YouTube by thousands and thousands of users and on social groups flourish in his honor.

Medievalist, although he points out that the Middle Ages never actually existed, “too long and too different a period to be labeled under a single term”, fond of armies and military strategies since he was a child, the luckiest have witnessed some his interventions in which he casts even the reconstructions of the most epic battles of The Lord of the Rings, Alessandro Barbero has gained notoriety among the general public thanks to the column he takes care of in the RAI broadcast “SuperQuark” by Piero Angela.

Affable and courteous, with a contagious smile and inimitable gesticulation, it has the merit not only of explaining the most complex historical facts, the causes that led to the outbreak of wars, revolts and revolutions “the revolts are revolutions that have not been successful ”, He points out, and their consequences on the course of history with simple words, but, above all, he knows how to involve the listener thanks to his overwhelming and disruptive enthusiasm. This is despite by convention and common conviction its subject is certainly not among those who love to study at school

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