The symbolic power of the objects

The faces tell the emotions of the public at the inauguration of LEGATO and STACCATO

Published on : 26 June 2023 This article is older than 6 months

A knife, a crown of stars, a boat at dawn, a bottle of champagne.
And again… flowers, fabrics, smoke and fire.

Cristina De Middel has used the symbolic power of objects to tell the challenges that Maria Callas has faced on stage and in her life, and which has made her similar to the heroines she has interpreted: Medea, Butterfly, Traviata, Tosca, Norma. In the photographic video exhibition LEGATO and STACCATO the photographer of Magnum Photos sets up a surprising stage to bring the Divina back to her beloved Sirmione.

The symbolic objects gradually reveal themselves in the photographs and videos and speak to people in a profound way. On the one hand they evoke a shared narrative, in other cases they provoke more intimate and profound reactions.
Many emotions that are revealed in the expressions of the faces captured by Sara Pampuri.

LEGATO and STACCATO. Cristina de Middel Homage to Maria Callas Video and photo exhibition.

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