The English heart of the Public Library

The Sirmione Book Club English is a special point of reference for those who love to read, write and speak English

Published on : 22 February 2023 This article is older than 1 year

One Thursday evening a month, Sirmione becomes the meeting place for a very particular and heterogeneous group: the Sirmione Book Club English, the English reading group of the Public Library which for about a year has been attracting not only mother tongues, but also Italians, and people from the most diverse countries of Europe living on our territory. A growing number of participants eager to meet on common ground, the English language and share moments of special sociability.

Thanks to the engaging enthusiasm of the entertainers, Rosemary Williamson, Ann Davies and Rosalind Rabbitt, the Sirmione Book Club English has become a precious opportunity not only to read and discuss books in English, but also to actively participate in inclusive and stimulating initiatives.

Taking inspiration from the different cultures of the participants, everyone is given a voice to tell their traditions, habits and curiosities, activities related to writing and reading are proposed, relaxing moments are born including quizzes and debates inspired by the world of literature and interesting insights are organized, as for example the participation in meetings with literary authors.

This is the English heart of the Sirmione Public Library, a highly successful reading group that has an average of 15 participants per evening for a total of 40 people involved. The library thus concretely expresses its double soul: a place to read and study, but also a welcoming meeting place where readers can dialogue starting from books and their own personal experiences and improve their language skills.

From Ann Davies a special invitation to participate in the next meeting with the Sirmione Book Club English!