Guido Morselli, the writer who had foreseen everything

A writer to be rediscovered to understand the unimaginable present (in italian only)

TUESDAY 12TH MAY 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Read Dissipatio H.G. by Guido Morselli to understand man in the age of the virus.

The novel tells about the disappearance of humanity. The protagonist, abandoned the hyper-industrial city of Crisopoli (which could be today’s Milan), decided to go up the mountain to commit suicide.

Morselli is a legendary author: forgotten for decades, he was repeatedly exhumed as a unique case in the Italian twentieth century. His life was marred by an unspeakable series of editorial refusals, some even prestigious (such as the famous one by Italo Calvino) and ended tragically with suicide.

(Books are in italian only)

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The images refer to a staging of Dissipatio HG brought on stage by the Compagnia del Teatro Stabile in Genova