Fiesta immobile: Alessandro Baricco, italian writer, reads until the end of this story

«Yes, of course: we are locked in the house. But ... There is a lot of strength, a lot of light, a lot of beauty in us. And it shouldn't be lost, not even a gram. " (in italian only)

SUNDAY 5TH APRIL 2020 This article is older than 1 year

Yes, of course: we stay indoors.
But… There is much strength, much light, much beauty in us.
And it must not be lost, not even an ounce

“Fiesta immobile” is the idea launched by the italian writer Alessandro Baricco to find us, one day after the other, around the words of a book.

You can listen “Fiesta Immobile” by logging on Radio Casa Bertallot. (in italian only)

“Fiesta Immobile” is produced by Holden Studios.

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