Callas, Arie On Air 23

The most beautiful arias interpreted by Maria Callas in 10 stages, from the Fisherman's House in Punta Grò to the church of San Pietro in Mavino

Published on : 20 July 2023 This article is older than 6 months

Follow in the footsteps of Maria Callas in Sirmione through 10 suggestive stages where in each one it is possible to scan a QR code and listen to her unforgettable interpretations. A unique experience that connects 10 fascinating places of the peninsula and the wonderful voice of the Divina.

Each stage offers a touch of history and art: the Fisherman’s House, Punta Grò, Lido di Lugana, Lido Galeazzi, Via XXV Aprile, View of Sandro Pertini, Piazza Carducci, Callas Park, San Pietro in Mavino and Piazzale Orti Manara. A wonderful combination to be fascinated by the music of Maria Callas and the places that have marked her stay, transporting the past into the present in an unforgettable experience.

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