Archi della Civica, classical music concert

The Civic School of Music of Sirmione presents its new line-up with an unmissable debut concert

SUNDAY 21ST NOVEMBER, 8:30 PM This article is older than 1 year

The Civic School of Music of Sirmione restarts with its courses and concerts and presents its most recent formation: the Archi della Civica.

The string orchestra, a brand new team, was strongly desired by the teachers and the direction of the School and it is an expression of the great enthusiasm that has always animated the Civic School of Music of Sirmione.

It marks their debut on Sunday 21st November with a concert for free admission which will take place in the evocative setting of the Church of Santa Maria Immacolata di Lugana.

Guided by Claudio Azzini, a very talented conductor and violinist, the students and professors who make up the orchestra will accompany the listeners on a brilliant and ideal walk that will unfold through a dense and compelling program.

Archi della Civica, concerto di musica classica
Domenica 21 novembre, ore 20:30
Chiesa Santa Maria Immacolata
Free entrance. Booking on Green Pass required. The stalls will be managed according to anti covid regulations.

Archi della Civica, printable poster