Spelling and Pronunciation

A discussion to explore the various ways in which spelling and pronunciation change in English... and why



A discussion to explore the various ways in which spelling and pronunciation change in English… and why

Why is English spelling so variable, and what are the historical reasons that have led to such an evolution of the language?

During the English Café meeting of February 8th, at Cafè Promenade, at 8:00 pm, we will discuss this topic, drawing inspiration from the poem The Chaos by Gerard Nolst Trenité and talk about the reasons for the diversity of spelling in English, including a short time-line of the origins of the language.
Nothing too “academic”! we’ll chat about this topic in a way that’s easy to follow, even for those not familiar with the subject, using the poem as a starting point.

By the way, the book we are reading for the Sirmione Book Club English and that will be discussed on March 14th at the Public Library is Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons.

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Our English reading group features monthly encounters, organized as follows:

  • The Sirmione Book Club English, on uneven months in the Municipal Library, with books proposed by the coordinators Rosemary Williamson and Rosalind Rabbitt
  • The English Cafè, on even months, where to more freely talk about books we’d like to read, share, propose. The English Cafè, as the name suggests, will not take place in the Public Library, but in a more informal venue, namely a pub, bar, hotel or vinery in Sirmione. The designated place will be announced each time.

For information you can contact the Public Library: 030.9909174

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