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Discovering the artistic beauty of the Pearl of the Lake (article in italian only)



Eleonora Autilio, on, dedicates a long article to Sirmione and accompanies readers “hand in hand in the pearl of Garda, to discover romantic views, dreamlike landscapes and artistic wonders overlooking the lake”.

A perfect invitation for romantic travelers on the eve of the feast of lovers: “Walking hand in hand through the alleys framed by stone walls, looking out to admire the immense expanse of clear waters that laps the peninsula, allowing yourself a moment of peace and relaxation on the beaches or in the hot pools of the spa, discovering the genuine flavors and aromas of the local cuisine will prove to be an experience able of conquering the heart. ” is an online magazine full of interesting travel ideas, particularly sensitive and careful to point out places (in Italy and abroad) of taste, traditions, nature, culture, sports, art exhibitions …

The article (in italian only)