When the stars go to sleep

On the lake shore at dawn for a wonderful musical awakening

TUESDAY 1ST AND MONDAY 14TH AUGUST 2023, 5:00 AM, SPIAGGIA DELLE MUSE This article is older than 1 year

The enchantment that is released by the rising sun as it illuminates the evocative tones of Sirmione and Lake Garda is an indescribable emotion, and it is even more so when this marvel meets the magic of music. The dawn concerts at Spiaggia delle Muse are a unique experience, where everything gradually comes to life.

Tuesday 1 August 2023, 5:00 am
Spiaggia delle Muse
God save the Queen
Path between musical genres and icons under the reign of Elizabeth II
By the Caronte Group

Monday 14th August 2023, 5:00 am
Spiaggia delle Muse
What a Wonderful World

The American repertoire between the 20s and 60s
By the Caronte Group
Free admission, no reservation is required

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