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60 photographers in Piazza Carducci for the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon

SUNDAY 10TH APRIL 2022 This article is older than 1 year

Sunday 10th April 2022, it is 7:00 am on a cold spring morning, a splendid sun and a magnificent lake welcome 60 photographers in Piazza Carducci, ready to participate in the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon. Once the theme has been announced, photographers will have to quickly connect the concept to an image and find the winning shot.

An hour of time to interpret the theme and collect the shots and then choose a single image from those collected to compete for the prize.

Many have been divided between the urgency to translate the concept into images and the desire to see the A BIG BOOK exhibition just opened at Palazzo Callas Exhibition, which will be completed with the winning photos of the Sirmione 10% Photo Marathon.

Sirmione award for photography

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A BIG BOOK: an exhibition to leaf through














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