Work has begun on making the Scaliger bridge safe

Temporary closure to vehicular transit until 7:00 on Saturday 21st January

Published on : 16 January 2023 This article is older than 1 year

The safety of the wing wall of the southwest bank of the Scaliger bridge, deteriorated in an unexpected and sudden form mainly due to the low levels of the lake, will involve an urgent intervention, which will in fact integrate the works already planned for the arrangement of the bridge itself, for a total duration of 60 days.

In this period, to allow the circulation of vehicles and the passage of pedestrians, a temporary vehicle bridge will be placed over the existing building. The positioning activities of the vehicle bridge, barring unforeseen events of a technical nature, will end by the early morning of Saturday 21st January, the day by which normal traffic will be restored. To this end, it should be noted that vehicular transit entering the historic center will be inhibited from 12:00 on Saturday 14th January.
Vehicle transit leaving the historic center will be allowed until 5.00 pm on Saturday 14th January.

The limitations will cease starting at 7 on Saturday 21st January.

During the period when the bridge is closed to vehicular traffic

  • pedestrian crossings will still be guaranteed
  • all parking stalls on viale Marconi and Lungolago Diaz will be reserved solely for residents of the historic centre, in addition to the traditional stalls existing in the Piazzale Porto area; in this way all the vehicles of the residents of the historic center located there will continue to be freely available.

For any eventuality, emergency assistance services will be provided 24 hours a day within the historic center thanks to the permanent presence of at least one emergency vehicle positioned in Piazza Castello.

To facilitate the mobility of pedestrians, until the roadway is restored, a free shuttle service will also be active to support residents, residents, guests of accommodation facilities and the disabled who need to move within the historic centre. This service will be active from 7 to 21 each day and will follow a continuous circular route from Piazza Castello to Piazza Piatti, with the possibility of requesting alternative routes in the same time slot by contacting the no. 331 6715178.

The traditional urban hygiene service with the collection of waste at home also remains confirmed.

By putting these activities into operation, we faced an unforeseen emergency situation with due caution and in a very short time. The active collaboration of all resident citizens will help reduce the inevitable inconvenience to a minimum.

To share any information in more detail and illustrate the program of the works, the Mayor invites resident citizens to participate in the meeting:

Tuesday 17 January at 6:00 pm
at the conference hall of Palazzo Callas

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