Olive gleaning at Grottoes of Catullus

Practicing olive gleaning that follows the gathering explained by agronomist Nicola Castoldi


Saturday 19th November, 10:30 am
Grottoes of Catullus
Olive gleaning
by Direzione regionale Musei Lombardia

Nicola Castoldi, the agronomist who takes care of the historic olive grove, will go with the public practicing olive gleaning that follows the gathering. It will also be a chance to discover the extraordinary story of the 876 ancient olive trees that cover the peninsula, some of them with at least six centuries of life ahead.

The story of the olive trees goes back to the centuries in which the sumptuous roman villa, already abandoned, was used as a pit of building materials for the local population. In the same way, that place that was a wonderful garden with a lake view became land for orchards and plantations for the families of Sirmione, divided in small plots. It was habit, once the owners had finished their olive gathering, to let anybody glean the left drupes and bring them home. It will happen the same also Saturday 19th November: the agronomist Nicola Castoldi will go with the visitors practicing the gleaning.

Adequate clothes and shoes and a bag to gather olives are recommended.
Free activity under payment of entrance ticket.
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