Lugana by Sirmione Winemakers at DottorVino

8 shades of Lugana in 4 tastings

SATURDAY 8TH, 15TH, 22ND E 29TH JULY 2023, DOTTORVINO, VIA COLOMBARE 64 This article is older than 1 year

4 appointments to discover all the nuances of the Lugana wine from the Sirmione cellars: the epicenter of the production of the highly appreciated white that is enjoying growing international success.
The tastings will take place every Saturday in the month of July at DottorVino – Good Wine & Food in Sirmione in via Colombare 64 and will be held throughout the day, during the shop’s opening hours, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00.

Stefano “DottorVino” Gadaleta
 has kept all the Lugana DOC wines of the Sirmione cellars in his shop for years, together with many typical products of the area and is a profound connoisseur of the excellent Garda food and wine.
These tastings represent an unmissable opportunity to learn more about the 8 ways of understanding Lugana di Sirmione, in a guided and free itinerary.
The complete calendar:

Tasting of Lugana di Cà Lojera and Cà dei Frati

Saturday 8 July, 9:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00
Tasting of Lugana by Don Lorenzo della Grillaia and Cascina Maddalena
Saturday 15 July, 9:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00Tasting of Lugana di Sgreva and Nunzio Ghiraldi
Saturday 22 July, 9:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00
Tasting of Lugana di Corte Anna and Cantina Pasetto
Saturday 29 July, 9:00-13:00 and 16:00-20:00
DottorVino – Good Wine & Food
Via Colombare 64, Sirmione
Tel: 030 8086041 |
To find out more: Tour of the Lugana DOC wine cellars in Sirmione

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