Yoga between sounds and nature
Bath of Sounds
By the Shiva Shakti Yoga Center

Date: Saturday 15 July 2023

Time: 19:00 - 21:30

Location: Casa del Pescatore, Punta Grò

Type: Parties and social activities

Review: Attività sociali e ricreative

Activities for beginners and experts. It is necessary to bring a mat, a blanket and what is needed to lie comfortably outdoors in the summer.

Yoga between sounds and nature.
The Morning Mantra: 18 June, 2 and 30 July, 15 and 27 August
Bath of Sounds: 3 June, 15 July, 12 August
Event for a fee. The Mantra of the Morning, 20 euros (residents of Sirmione, 10 euros). Bath of Sounds, 30 euros (residents of Sirmione, 25 euros). Booking is mandatory. For booking: | | +39 3407758874
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