Scatena l’Arte / Unchain my Art
Collective exhibition of Sirmione artists
Art exhibition
Winter in Sirmione

Date: Saturday 14 December 2019 - Sunday 2 February 2020

Location: Palazzo Callas Exhibitions

Type: Exhibitions

Review: Mostre d'arte

Like every year, the appointment with the Sirmione artists is renewed: painters, sculptors, photographers and poets.
This year’s exhibition proposes an installation that emphasizes the liberating and irreverent effect in artistic expression in all its forms
Opening time:
Friday from 4 to 7 pm / Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10.30 am to 12.30 pm and 16-19
closed on December 25th
Opening on Saturday 14 December, 11am
Free admission. The exhibition will continue until 2 February 2020
Art tells us about man’s desire for freedom.
Art is freedom from dogmas, rules and the oppression of conformism.
The artists who are writing history are those who break down walls, disintegrate schemes, and who break chains.
Chaining up art would be like trying to draw the boundaries of the universe: a pointless enterprise because the imagination and the work of the artist are so vast.
We save art from market, economic or political schemes, and make it false.
Let’s free our art so it can live!

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