Al Cavallino Bianco
Operetta in three acts
Compagnia d’Operette Elena D’Angelo
Winter in Sirmione

Date: Saturday 7 December 2019

Time: 21:00 - 23:00

Location: Palazzo dei Congressi

Type: Theater and dance

Review: Festival dell'Operetta

Operetta in three acts
by Ralph Benatzky and Robert Stolz based on libretto by H. Muller, E. Charell and R. Gilbert
In the town of San Wolfango, in the Salzkammergut, the beautiful hostess Gioseffa, owner of the hotel Al Cavallino Bianco welcomes her guests like all summers.
Job and love misunderstandings will characterize the Cavallino Bianco summer season until the arrival of the Arciduca, during the hunting season, will bring back calm and serenity.

Admission € 15
Reduced admission for Sirmione hotel guests, groups and libraries € 10
Tickets will go on sale on the evening of the show starting at 8.00 pm
Free shuttle transport is provided.
It is also planned for the return at the end of the show.
Info: Municipality of Sirmione 030 9909 184
Info, Bookings and Presale: Gruppo da Camera Caronte 348 225 7382

The complete program of the Festival:
7 December, Al Cavallino Bianco at 9 pm
December 28, Cin Ci Là at 4 pm and replica at 9 pm
January 25, The Duchess of Bal Tabarin at 9 pm
February 15, La Vedova Allegra at 4 pm and replay at 9 pm

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