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The photo gallery of the meeting with Richard Kalvar at Palazzo Callas Exhibitions

FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER 2022 This article is older than 1 year

Antonello Perin’s images recount the meeting with Richard Kalvar which took place at Palazzo Callas Exhibitions.
During the evening, the great photographer of Magnum Photos guided the public on a visit to the photographs of him exhibited in the La voce delle mani exhibition and presented the results of the street photography workshop he conducted in Sirmione.

Richard Kalvar gave the enthusiastic audience a memorable lectio magistralis dedicated to the work behind the birth of a shot. The crowded room followed with keen interest the story of a great master who lived the last 50 years of photographic art as a protagonist.
The American photographer explained how the capture of an image takes place through selective observation, requires the ability to grasp the right situation and a lens that knows how to be very close but also very discreet.

Of great interest were also the personal methods that Kalvar revealed to those present on how to select the best from among the many photographs he took. In the next few days, two other photographers will be with us in Sirmione:

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La terra dei buchi
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Mattia Marzorati
presenta il suo progetto fotografico ed il libro, dialogando con Laura Corsini del Comitato Cittadini di Calcinato
Venerdì 21 ottobre, ore 20:45, Biblioteca Comunale
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Magnum Photos a Sirmione: Cristina de Middel
Guided tour of the exhibition “La voce delle mani”
and presentation of the Callas project in Sirmione
Saturday 22 October, 6.00 pm, Palazzo Callas Exhibitions
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