Brescia Adagio: capitale industriale, capitale della cultura

Massimo Tedeschi presents his book aboard an electrical motorboat by Bertoldi Boats (meet the author, in Italian only)

FRIDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER 2022, 6:30 PM This article is older than 1 year

Discovering Brescia and Sirmione slowly, navigating around the peninsula aboard an electrical motorboat accompanied only by the voice of Massimo Tedeschi and the rustling of waves and wind.

Brescia Adagio. Capitale industriale, capitale della cultura
Massimo Tedeschi
presents his book (in Italian only)
Friday 2nd September 2022, 6:30 pm
Limited seats, booking is mandatory.
For bookings: in person at Ufficio Cultura e Turismo del Comune di Sirmione, via Alfieri, tel. 030 9909 184

Navigating aboard an electrical motorboat by Bertoldi Boats, Massimo Tedeschi is presenting his book surrounded by the wonderful natural landscape of lake Garda and Sirmione.

Brescia Adagio is published in the series “gli adagi”, an idea that starts from Milan in 2019 with the goal of discovering “slowly” the main Italian cities, practicing a slow and proximity tourism.

A few months away from 2023, the year in which Brescia and Bergamo are Italian Capital of Culture, Massimo Tedeschi writes a guide that gives us the chance to discover the city – and the surroundings – of Brescia in a way in which maybe we have never looked at it. The city of steel, with a grouchy frown and a generous heart, is also many more things: the hardworking city, the industrial capital, becomes in this way the capital of culture. Brescia is the city of the Castle, of blossoming linden boulevards, of half world cooking in Carmine, of vintage cars for Mille Miglia; the city with two Duomos, of fountains, cloisters and Vantiniano cemetery. A city to explore together. Slowly.

Massimo Tedeschi is a journalist, writer and the president of Associazione Artisti Bresciani. Graduated in Philosophy, he has been correspondent of Bresciaoggi and editor-in-chief of Corriere della Sera, of which he founded and directed the insert of Brescia. During his career he has written several books of historic and journalistic nature dedicated to social, economic, artistic, cultural aspects of the reality of Brescia. Brescia Adagio (Enrico Damiani Editore, 2022) is his latest book.

Brescia Adagio: capitale industriale, capitale della cultura, the poster

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