Blue notes for white wines

The photogallery of the Concerto Aperitivo at Corte Anna

FRIDAY 13TH MAY 2022 This article is older than 1 year

The appointments with the Concerti Aperitivo in the Cantine del Lugana di Sirmione are enjoying great consensus and wide participation. The success, certainly deserved, is given by the beauty of the environments, the quality music, the excellent wines offered and the hospitality and welcome that have always distinguished our wineries.

Given the excellent success of the initiative and to meet the many requests, more seats were added to the Big Band Music Show Aperitif Concert on 25 June in Punta Grò.

Eleonora Pecoraro‘s photographs tell us about the conviviality and sparkling atmosphere of the Blue notes for white wines Aperitif Concert held at Corte Anna on April 29th.