Block Notes Photo Contest 2024: Mirko Bussola is the final winner

With the images of his emotions he wins a stay in Sirmione


Mirko Bussola is the final winnerof Block Notes Photo Contest 2024.

In the opinion of the Award Jury, the Garda photographer with his “four emotions” managed to construct the most coherent and consequent story among those presented in the competition (Mirko Bussola had won the first week of the Block Notes, Rabbia).

The choice proved to be difficult and, in fact, the Jury awarded a Special Mention to Antonella Pallavicino and Stefania Caldera (Antonella Pallavicino won the second week, Fear, while Stefania Caldera had also deserved a Special Mention in last year’s edition) .

For each of the four weeks, each participant presented a photograph referring to a specific emotion: anger, fear, courage, joy and, each week, the Jury chose a winner.

Then, among the 63 photographers who participated in all 4 weeks, the most interesting and balanced photographic story was chosen.

This year’s edition was strongly characterized by an important female presence: 40 photographers out of 63 participants.
We like to think that it happened in the wake of Cristina de Middel, photographer and author of the exhibition exhibited last year at Palazzo Callas and of Simona Ghizzoni, 2023 resident photographer who is currently completing the book created with the photographs taken in Sirmione last autumn.

Block Notes Photo Contest: all the winning photographs, the mentions and the complete galleries of all the photographs in the competition.

Block Notes Photo Contest 2024: the press release


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