Sirmione Book Club English: “Rebecca” by Daphne du Maurier

The English reading group of the Sirmione Library: next meeting on Thursday 9th March 2023

THURSDAY 9TH MARCH 2023, 8:00 PM, PUBLIC LIBRARY Questo articolo ha più di 1 anno

The book of the month of the Sirmione Book Club English is Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

The Reading Group of the Sirmione Library will meet again on Thursday 9th March at 8:00 pm, to discuss the novel and also to know the next book. Even if you didn’t attend the previous meeting, you can still step in to talk about this book.

Free admission.
You can book your place at the Sirmione Book Club English
for information you can contact the Public Library: 030.9909174

Those who love to read know that there is nothing better than sharing thoughts on a book you have just finished, talking about it, discussing it with someone who has enjoyed the same moments of pleasant reading experience. So, why not also an english edition of our book club? Here’s the Sirmione Book Club English: a reading group coordinated by Rosemary Williamson.
You can quickly and easily become part of a club of readers where you can share the pleasure of a book and bring your contribution to the debate that will open from time to time on the proposed texts. There will be room for everyone to actively intervene on the topics defined during the evenings on the calendar.

Already full of initiatives, our Public Library is confirmed as the best place to experience moments of individual and collective growth. A protected environment to dialogue and express one’s emotions that arise from engaging readings: an opportunity, once again, to create community in an active way.

The Sirmione Book Club English is open to everybody, even though a good English (read and spoken) is needed.

The meetings will be held every second Thursday of the month, every other month, at 8:00 pm at the “Mario Ferrari” Public Library of Sirmione. In each meeting, the book presented the previous time will be discussed and the book that will be discussed in the next meeting will be revealed.

Free admission.
You can book your place at the Sirmione Book Club English
for information you can contact the Public Library: 030.9909174

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