On a Boat at Sunset

Savoring twilight, short poems, and Lugana wine on a boat trip around Sirmione


Embrace the Magic of Twilight and Poetry on Lake Garda

The enchanting charm of Sirmione, bathed in the golden hues of sunset, beckons all poetry lovers!
On Thursday 13th June, at 8:00 PM, English Café, the English reading group of the Sirmione Library, invites you to embark on a special voyage. A rendezvous with literature amidst the tranquil waters of Lake Garda.

This special gathering with the English Café will take place on a boat! A special tour around the peninsula of Sirmione, where participants can share their favorite short poems inspired by Lake Garda or any lake, enjoy the magical atmosphere of the sunset amidst the lake, the panoramic views of Sirmione, Grotte di Catullo, and the Scaligero Castle… And while the poems are being recited, excellent Lugana wine will be served.

BOOKING IS MANDATORY: in person by Friday 7 June at 11:30am at Ufficio Cultura e Turismo, Comune di Sirmione, via Alfieri: tel. 030 9909 184

The boat tour is subject to a fee. Participants will pay 20 euros each (including a one-hour boat tour and Lugana wine) directly at the boarding. The meeting spot is Piazzale Porto, at the docking point of Garda Tours. it is recommended to arrive well in advance (at 7:45 PM) to complete the payment procedures and boarding formalities. Flat shoes and comfortable clothing are recommended.

Maximum number of participants: 20 people

…by the way, the book we are reading for the Sirmione Book Club English and that will be discussed on September 12th at the Public Library is The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

Our English reading group features monthly encounters, organized as follows:

  • The Sirmione Book Club English, on uneven months in the Municipal Library, with books proposed by the coordinators Rosemary Williamson, Rosalind Rabbitt and Ann Davies.
  • The English Cafè, on even months, where to more freely talk about books we’d like to read, share, propose. The English Cafè, as the name suggests, will not take place in the Public Library, but in a more informal venue, namely a pub, bar, hotel or vinery in Sirmione. The designated place will be announced each time.

For information you can contact the Public Library: 030.9909174

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