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The new season of the special edition of the Sirmione Book Club English

THURSDAY 13TH OCTOBER 2022, 8:00 PM, CASCINA MADDALENA, VIA MADDALENA 17 Questo articolo ha più di 6 mesi

The autumn season inaugurates our new cycle of meetings with the English Cafè, the special edition of the Sirmione Book Club English.

There’s something magical about vineyards in October and that’s exactly where we’ll meet this time! The English Cafè will gather on October 13th at 8:00 pm, at the Cascina Maddalena vinery in via Maddalena 17, Sirmione.
This time we have a special book: The Italian Affair by a mysterious author.

Free admission.
You can book your place at the English Cafè

Our English reading group features monthly encounters, organized as follows:

  • The Sirmione Book Club English, on uneven months in the Municipal Library, with books proposed by the coordinator Rosemary Williamson.
  • The English Cafè, on even months, where to more freely talk about books we’d like to read, share, propose. The English Cafè, as the name suggests, will not take place in the Public Library, but in a more informal venue, namely a pub, bar or vinery in Sirmione. The designated place will be announced each time.

Even if you didn’t attend the previous meetings, you can step in any time you want… by the way, the book we are reading for the Sirmione Book Club English and that will be discussed on November 10th at the Public Library is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

For information you can contact the Municipal Library: 030.9909174

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