Peppa Pig: How a successful cartoon is born
Meeting with Phil Davies, producer of the famous series

Data: venerdì 29 Settembre 2023 - giovedì 28 Settembre 2023

Luogo: Hotel Olivi, Via S. Pietro in Mavino, 5

Categoria: Cultura

Rassegna: La Divina emozione. Incontri

Incontro con Phil Davies dello studio Astley Baker Davies, produttore di Peppa Pig
Conferenza in lingua inglese

Phil Davies, of the Astley Baker Davies studio, is the producer of the worldwide acclaimed cartoon Peppa Pig.
During the evening, Davies will discuss the creation of the hit animation series, his role as producer and the production process with a series of unpublished materials that will be displayed.
At the end of the presentation, meet-and-greet aperitif with Phil Davies
The event is an initiative by the Sirmione Book Club English
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